Meat our Team – Alta Vista Meat Co.

#Kansas Pastures to Kansas Plates.

Meat our Team

Amie Brunkow, Owner

Amie is the proud mom of five daughters.  She married Jarrod in 2009 who services in the U.S. Air Force as a civil engineer.  Together they run Brown Kow Farms in Paxico, KS.  When they first obtained cattle and goats Amie began inquiring into lockers to use when the time came.  Dissatisfied with the customer service of surrounding lockers Amie took the butcher knife in her own hands.   With her educational background in biochemistry she began researching all should could about meat sciences.  Her interest quickly become a full fledge passion after processing her first goat!  Three years later she decided to purchase long-time legacy business Alta Vista Meat Locker retaining the staff of experienced butchers who are the best in the business.

Sue and Lee Streeter, Owner and Maintenance Man

Sue is a Christian, wife, mother, and veteran. The locker is a family business and she loves that. Lee is the maintenance go to man. History is his hobby and Alta Vista has a lot of history. He also loves the Barnyard Cafe! Don't we all?

Scott U, Head Butcher

Scott has been working at the locker since his senior year in high school.  So when in doubt, Scott is the man to ask!  Scott married to his wonderful wife, Angel,11 years ago and they have three beautiful children together.  On the weekends you can find the family kayaking, camping or doing anything else that involves the outdoors.  

Jan B, Curing & Smoking

Jan has worked at the locker on and off since high school! If you enjoy our smoked and cured meat items you can thank Jan! He has been perfecting these procedures at the locker for almost 40 years.

Tinker M, Jack of All Trades

Tinker is from Alta Vista as well and is the proud mom of a teenage son! She enjoys spending her free time with her son. Tinker's favorite job at AV Meat Co is DJing for us. But she does it ALL and she does it well! Tinker is the go to if we are in a pinch for someone who can fill in any spot needed for the day!

Ashley S, Quality Assurance

Ashley is the proud mom of 3 wonderful children and is married to her amazing husband, Gene. The family lives right in Alta Vista.  In their free time the family enjoys being outdoors and kayaking.  She is also a diehard Chiefs fan!At AV Meat Co Ashley is our Quality Assurance manager and she rocks it!!!! Ever wonder how we find products in our HUGE freezer, how we keep track of steaks for the store, how we get all our labels to look so good? All Ashley!

Cassie, Head Wrapper

Cassie and Kyle live in Alta Vista with their three beautiful children. Cassie loves gardening in her free time and attending any and all of her children's activities. Cassie does a meticulous job when it comes to wrapping all your custom cuts! Even with the best butcher paper and film wrap the job still requires someone who cares about the packaging as much as you do! Be sure to thank her next time you are in.

Kelcey, Trimmer

Kelcey and her husband, Beau, live outside Alta Vista. Kelcey is original from Maine. Kelcey primarily trims meat, but there are lot of small jobs that make a big difference she also handles. Ever wonder how the slaughter team makes sure the right cow gets tagged with the right farmer? Kelcey! When you drop off an animal Kelcey will be there to help you and make sure you fill out the drop off forms correctly. Then she preps the tags for the slaughter team to place on the carcass with tag information.

Tina M, Mom of the Joint

Smell coffee when you come into Av Meat Co? That was Tina! She spoils all the other employees rotten! She opens the locker for the day setting everything up and putting all the equipment back together for operation. She is the reason we all start our morning off with a running start and in a great mood! We are able to get all our jobs done because of the hard work she puts in before anyone else arrives.

Cody R, Ex-Mechanic

Cody is from Silver Lake and still resides in the area. He is happily married to his wife, Natalie, and they have two sons. Cody and his family love the outdoors and fishing together! He is an avid smoker of meat. Cody is also Amie's brother and Sue's son!

Brenda J, The Cleaner

Brenda is the proud mom of six bambinos. Brenda and her husband, Matt, live outside Alta Vista and enjoy spending time with their family. Every day the state checks our sanitation. You can ask any of our state inspectors and they will tell you without hesitation we have the BEST CLEANER in the business!!! Every month we are required to test for bacteria like e.coli and listeria. We test negative because the diligent passion Brenda puts into make our facility spotless!

George Gonzalez, Butcher in Training

George is originally from Alamo, TX. He currently is training to be a butcher. Before working at AV Meat Co George was a pen rider and ranch hand. His love for animals is seen in his interaction with them on slaughter day. Even though we only see the animals alive for a short time period doesn't mean we aren't devoted to treating them with respect. This is another reason we are set apart from other lockers.